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N26 users can get a credit now line in 5 minutes

N26 users can get a credit now line in 5 minutes

N26 is iterating at an pace that is incredible times with a huge amount of brand new item features and geographical expansions to create probably the most modern bank in Europe. Nevertheless the brand new features constantly proceed with the exact same motto — your overall bank sucks, every thing must be easier. Today, N26 presents credit rating done correctly.

A preview was seen by me of this function a month or more ago and it also ended up being quite impressive. You can now open the app and apply for a credit line if you live in Germany. The software will walk you through a questionnaire, asking the questions that are usual.

You’ll tell just just how money that is much require, if you’re single or hitched, if you’re a home owner, etc. At the conclusion regarding the credit check, you’ll immediately have the effective yearly rate and simply how much the line of credit is in fact likely to price. You may also modify the size of your loan.

You the interest rate (4.59 percent p.a. for example) and the total amount (€10,475) if you ask for €10,000, N26 will give. It is straightforward and N26 does not try to disguise any such thing away from you.